Why Hoodies Are So Popular

Why Hoodies Are So Popular

Hoodies have become a part of the sociocultural fashion that transcends beyond race, regardless of what people say. Hoodies come in light jackets and attached as a long-sleeve t-shirt, which you might have somewhere in the closet.There are multiple reasons they are popular: warmth, layers, protection – but the purpose and what it does make it a highly valuable piece of spring and autumn attire. However, it also came to be seen in a negative light and inappropriately profiled for someone as criminal and dangerous. How it became that way is a mystery, but there are plenty of reasons for the hoodie being very popular and why it’s been a highly useful piece of clothing today.

One of the best reasons for owning a hoodie is that they are very versatile, made for casual and semi-formal means, sown to match almost every fashion style. Men’s hoodies are good for warming sportswear, various teenage fashions, and winter attire worn at home, perfectly fitting with any outfit worn.There are multiple ways to wear a hoodie, such as it being the centerpiece of the outfit, easily catching the attention of others.Hoodies are perfect as a layering piece, like a sweater over a shirt. It is really popular to put on over t-shirts in home in the winter and over on chilly summer nights.

The year-round use comes from the fact is that hoodies are sold in both light and heavy cotton. Lighter cotton is perfect for the summer and heavy cotton is perfect for the winter. It is so cozy to have on, you many sleep with it on, such as a nap whenever and wherever. The hood is also great to cover a really bad haircut, as well as baldness. There is a sign of toughness coming from the hoodie that attracts people. There is also mystery when a person walks by with the hood worn up and people like to keep it on for that mystery. All you have to do is see Rocky Balboa and Obi-Wan Kenobi wearing hoodies themselves; one for exercise and the other like a monk and as person of wise.

Today, big name designers have produced men’s hoodies and placed them in their seasonal releases. They are made with different materials, including cotton, polyester, and nylon. Once a sign of preppy affluence,it became a symbol of social decline and racial profiling (unfortunately) in society. Now the hoodie, worn even by Prince Harry in public (next to his grandmother, the Queen), has gone en vogue. They are on the catwalks in fashion shows with messages across them, breaking the stereotype once associated with them. They come in all shapes and sizes, with front zips, side pockets, crew neck, and other different designs. The hoodie is no longer something negative, but of now and in fashion.

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