Summer To Autumn Fashion Transitions – Making The Most Of Your Wardrobe

Summer To Autumn Fashion Transitions – Making The Most Of Your Wardrobe

There is something quintessentially inspiring about the changing of the seasons – unless of course you’re the kind of person who insists on buying a new wardrobe every time the weather changes. Realistically, this isn’t the kind of thing most people are able to do but when and where one season gives way to the next, we often find ourselves looking at the latest spring, summer, autumn or winter collections with something of a “What do I need” mind-set at work. As such, it’s almost inevitable that we end up spending more than we wanted to in order to kit ourselves out for the season ahead.

As far as the experts are concerned however, this isn’t always necessary. Right now for example, as the summer says its goodbyes and the autumn gets into full swing, millions of consumers are once again compiling lists of the things they will need to cope with the cooler weather. But there are so many instances where doing so is in fact entirely unnecessary as with a little creativity and proactivity, you’d be surprised what you can do with the kit that is already in your wardrobe.

Marvellous Maxi Dresses

For example, maxi dresses may be more closely associated with glorious summer nights, days on the beach and so on and so forth, but they can also be every bit as at-home and elegant throughout the autumn. It’s simply a case of refashioning and repurposing then in accordance with the weather – the obvious answer in this instance being the addition of long sleeves. There are literally endless ways of going about this – anything from a thick-knit sweater to a blazer and thousands of other options, it’s a brilliant way of bringing the beauty of buying your favourite dresses well into the autumn time and saving a small fortune on clothing expenses as a bonus.

Add Tights

Perhaps above and beyond everything else, tights are your very best friends when it comes to making the most of what you already have in the autumn.  Even if you don’t already have a vast array of high quality tights on-hand, picking up what you need will always set you back considerably less than were you looking to invest in entirely new outfits. From shorts to shirts to hot pants to dresses and so on, that little added warmth provided by a good pair of tights will extend the use of your summer wardrobe enormously.

Think in Layers

One of the very best things about the layered look is that not only is it brilliantly functional and generally rather easy to pull off, it’s also one of the most perpetually fashion-forward looks of recent history. Simply by opting for tighter and closer-fitting garments underneath with looser, longer and more casual garments on top, you’ll pull off this essential year-round look that allows you to get seriously creative with what you already have in your wardrobe. It’s also a seriously affordable look to work toward if you do plan on doing any shopping for the season as more often than not it is the layering of casual essentials that comes together to create the most effective overall look.

Statement-Making Jackets

If you do find yourself in a position where an entirely new look is called for…ideally without going OTT with the expense…you might want to think about investing in a statement-making jacket. The reason being that it really won’t be long before you find yourself wearing your coats and jackets more than anything else, essentially hiding any efforts you made to look good underneath.  So it’s worth getting creative and investing in or perhaps personalising a jacket this season. From trench coats to blazers to leather jackets and military cargo jackets, the options really are endless.

Buy Boots

Last but not least, you’d be amazed at just how quickly and effectively a variety of summer looks can be transformed into fantastic autumn ensembles simply with the addition of a good pair of boots. And not only do quality autumn boots look fantastic, they also serve a practical purpose and instantly make everything you wear warmer and more suitable for the colder months of the year. This applies to anything from smart ankle boots to more rugged knee-high boots and so on – you simply cannot go wrong with a good pair of boots when it comes to maximising the garments and accessories you already have in your wardrobe throughout the autumn season.

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