How To Choose What To Wear While Travelling

How To Choose What To Wear While Travelling

I’m going on a trip. What should I wear? How many dresses would be sufficient for a 3-day trip?

All occasional travelers are seen asking for these types of suggestions whenever they are planned to go on a trip. Packing clothes is the most overwhelming task we need to do while going on a vacation or outing. But, if you know some smart tips from the pro-travelers the task will not feel so daunting.

Here we are sharing some smart tips that will help you in planning a vacation without asking everybody about types and number of clothes.

Choosing the clothes to take with you while traveling

 The key formula for smart packing of travel clothes is to choose those pieces of clothes that you can wear anywhere and at any time of the day.

The Fabric – When choosing a cloth for traveling make sure the fabric used is breathable, easy to care and moisture wicking. If you find these features in the fabric of your cloth then you can surely make that clothes your travel buddy.

The Color – Whenever choosing a dress for traveling, pick those with neutral colors. This is more important for pants and skirts. Colors like black, brown, khaki etc. goes well with almost everything. With one neutral-colored lower, you can take multiple tops. This way you can pack less and wear more.

Wrinkle resistance – Choosing a dress that is wrinkle resistant is one of the smartest travel decisions. With wrinkle resistant clothes you can sleep in during your journey without the tension of crushing your clothes. You can also fold this type of dress in any way to adjust in your backpack.

The styling of the dress – You should try to pack and wear the style of dress that can get you mingled with the locals of your travel destination. The more you’ll look, a foreigner, the more are your chances to get cheated by shopkeepers and cab drivers. Be a traveler but don’t look like a tourist.

The number of pockets – Whenever going on a trip remember to choose a dress with more number of pockets. You’ll need them for keeping cash, mobile, wallet, and passport etc. It is way better than carrying a handbag that can fall or get snatched. Your belongings are safer when they are in your closest proximity.

A number of underwear and shocks – While keeping as less as possible dresses is a good thing, you should consider taking a larger number of underwear and shocks. The best number can be an extra pair than the number of days of your out-stay. You can repeat your outer clothes or mix and match them but it won’t be healthy to do the same with underwear. And the shocks can get really smelly if you don’t change them often.

While packing your clothes you can put some fresh flower sachets in between, this will keep your clothes smelling fresh over your journey. Hope these tips will help you in being a smart travel packer for your coming vacation trips.

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